What is Realtime Transcription?

Realtime transcription enables an attorney to view the spoken word on his/her laptop computer in realtime during a deposition.

There are several advantages to using Realtime technology in a deposition.

The first is that at the end of the deposition the attorney can close his laptop computer and leave the deposition with an unedited or “rough” version of the transcript. This allows the attorney to begin reviewing the transcript immediately without having to wait for the hard copy of the transcript.

Another advantage to Realtime technology is that during a complex deposition, co-counsel can monitor the “realtime feed” on their computer screen and make annotations and create issue codes “on the fly.”

Once the Realtime feed is captured, it is easily imported into most case management software packages such as LiveNote, RealLegal and Summation, among others.

Many of our reporters posses the necessary qualifications to perform this service. When scheduling a deposition, please indicate your desire to have a Realtime or LiveNote reporter present.

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