Transcripts & Exhibits on CD

State of the Art

Because most laptops come standard with CD Rom drives instead of the 3.5 “floppy” disk drives, DepoLink will scan your transcripts with the corresponding exhibits and place them on a CD.

The Transcript CD is very poratble and easy to transport. Bring a Transcript CD with you on a train or plane instead of the cumbersome paper transcript.

The Transcript CD also makes for a great and cost-effective storage alternative. CDs can store thousands of pages compared to bulky storage boxes. If storage space is a challenge, the Transcript CD will work well for you as its slimline design slips neatly into any CD storage solution.

Transcript CDs can be made for a single deposition or for an entire case.

This portable and convenient solution will also serve you well in the courtroom. Having all relevant transcripts along with related exhibits at your fingertips will allow for fast document retrieval and will result in an effective trial presentation.

Call DepoLink today to learn more about Transcript CDs or any of our other Trial Presentation Services.

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