Realtime Over the Internet

Remote Realtime over the Internet works very much the same way that a “regular” Realtime works. Regardless of where a witness, expert or attorney are located they can conveniently participate in the deposition, no matter where it is taking place.

Using an Internet Realtime connection, users can participate in depositions coast to coast or around the world from the comfort of their office. This dramatically reduces the cost and necessity of travel. All of the recipients of the Realtime feed essentially function as though they were in the room with the court reporter and deponent.

As the court reporter transcribes, the live text scrolls across the recipient’s Internet browser window.

Participants may instant message questions or comments to the entire team that has logged on from remote locations, or they can select a single member of the team for a private chat. All online chatting is instantaneous and transmitted via a secure, encrypted connection.

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